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POH Renewable Energy Initiative


Pu'u O Hoku Ranch finds itself at the end of the line, literally. The last electrical pole is situated behind the main lodge, transporting diesel-generated power over 25 miles from the MECO plant in Pala'au.

Ukulele Workshop to be hosted at Pu'u O Hoku this spring

Uke Ohana is hosting a workshop on Hawaiian ukulele music at Pu'u O Hoku this Memorial Day weekend. Guests will spend 5 days at the ranch, learning traditional and contemporary uke techniques, songs, and folklore with local musician Lono (who grew up on Molokai.) There will also be hula, and expeditions to Halawa Valley. Head to for more information or to register for the workshop!

Visit from Aka'ula School

We had a visit from Aka'ula school, in Kaunanakai, recently. Students wrote up some of their adventures, 

 Puu O Hoku Ranch

Keeping Halawa Clean

Mahalo to our neighbor in Halawa Valley for this article in the Moloka'i Dispatch. Click on the image below to read the clipping.

Cattle Branding

This summer we had to wrangle up the calves for marking and branding. The ground crew for this year's branding consisted of four Stanford students who were ready, willing and able to 'tackle' the work at hand. For this days work, only the bull calves were processed.... heading and heeling them before the work could be started. It was no easy job!

Our new website and blog

Welcome to Pu'u O Hoku Ranch!

Take a look around our new website. We've got information about our new all-inclusive rental at the Lodge, the new Sugar Mill Cottage rental, farm-to-table produce baskets, and brand-new photos (by Galen and Jann) of the ranch in all its beauty.

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