The Store

Located right at the 25 mile marker, Pu'u O Hoku's ranch store is your last-chance stop for snacks, sodas, and sunblock before heading down to Halawa Valley. 

The store is stocked with fresh produce and fruit from the farm, and our free-range organic beef.

We also sell local crafts and souvenirs, screen-printed Pu'u O Hoku t-shirts, local musicians -  Lono, Norm DeCosta, & Zelie's CDs, Moloka'i sea salt, and more. 

Also at the store is the ranch office, where you can inquire about bulk orders of our products, farm tours and camping. The store is generally open M-F 9am to 5pm. Call first at 808- 558-8109 to make sure someone is going to be there.